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Can I pick up my order locally to avoid shipping?

Unfortunately not for this store. To cut down on a lot of logistical issues, all orders will be sent directly to your address. Also some items will be produced from Kick Print's other locations and may not be produced inside of the pacific location.

However if you want to buy MVR3 merch locally we have an entire selection of items that are different than these over at Kaleidoscope Consignment. :-)

What if I have a problem with my order?

Kick Print will make it right 100%. However we do NOT accept returns or refunds on orders that don't fit.. Please check the size charts closely. Since we are a printing company and not an apparel company we do not accept returns.

If there is an issue with the print or the product we will offer a refund or reprint for the item.

Is Kick Merch and Kick Print the same thing?

YES! Kick Merch is just the Print on Demand solution for Kick Print.. every item is printed and shipped out individually. In order to have a different environment from our standard campaign stores, we named it Kick Merch. Don't be confused.. the same great service and care will go into your order with Kick Merch.

Who do I contact about my order?

You will need to contact Kick Merch. Support@KickMerch.com You can also chat with us at the bottom of the page by clicking the little chat icon.